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Sarah April Lamb is a theatre maker. movement director, and choreographer.

She is on placement with Doppelgangster for TREEFXXXERS conducting research for her MFA Movement: Directing and Teaching at Central School of Speech and Drama. Her original work includes Bare Threads (2017), To Breathe (2015) and A Thief on the Wind (2013) and movement direction with Dante or Die, and Dilated Theatre.

DIARY #2 | Choreography

w. SARAH APRIL LAMB | 15 NOV, 2018

TREEFXXXERS was always going to be an immediate success simply due to its foundations of TREES and FXXXING – key elements of the physical world that translate epically into theatre and dance. Whilst I knew nothing about the situation in Sheffield I did know that all a good tree fxxxing show needs to break boundaries is a couple of highly technical routines, ideally including some acrobatic folk and aggressive jazz. My training in none of the above has ensured a tangible rawness to the movement work in the show; we’re aiming for an essence of hardness and bittersweet flavour, like biting a baby tree. You’ll taste it when you come to see it. Red tape got in the way and held us back from the exquisite recreations of death by chainsaw that I had in mind so instead we’re playing with logs a lot. What a laugh.

– Sarah April Lamb, Movement Director