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Doppelgangster are a contemporary performance company currently creating work in the UK and Australia. Primary concerns of the company are climate crisis and class conflict.



Creators + Directors of TREEFXXXERS

The company critiques contemporary issues at local, national and global levels. Doppelgangster responds to urgent concerns such as climate change, forced migration, and corporatism. Current projects include work for unconventional spaces, using intimate face-to-face encounters, large scale spectacle, and online environments.


If you’ve witnessed Doppelgangster it might have been online, or live in the flesh from a shipping container, a carpark, a lane-way, a gallery, a lecture theatre, a town hall, a stage, a converted barn, an old school, on the banks of a river, a concrete vault underneath London’s Waterloo station, in a former WW2 fascist boot factory, and/or Paris’ Grande Palais.